Trouble with fall leaf colors

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Re: Trouble with fall leaf colors

Could it be something peculiar with your workflow plus a little bit due to memory/perception?

I am considering buying a NEX so I was interested in whether or not there really is a color issue with NEX cameras. I took your raw file into PS6 (using 16 bit/Adobe RGB color profile settings) and made NO color corrections whatsoever. I merely increased exposure a little in ACR before importing it into PS. Then I reduced and used Save to Web, specifying conversion to sRGB.  This is what I got:

While perhaps it is not as "lime yellow" as it is in your memory, it certainly is much less red than your original. So I'm thinking maybe you used some funky color space and then didn't convert to sRGB before saving? I have no idea, but I certainly didn't get the results you did.

Since you said the tree was "lime yellow," I did attempt a slight color correction using selective color to make it a little more limey-yellow ...

I have no clue what your eyes saw but maybe this is closer.  At any rate it doesn't appear there is an issue with fall foliage in your NEX camera.  Unless what you really saw was really really electric yellow-green, in which case I've never seen a tree like that!

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