The best review of the Olympus E-5 I've ever read.

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Re: The best review of the Olympus E-5 I've ever read.

It's an interesting read, thanks.

I've just done my own little review of the competition, downloading and processing various raw files in Lr4.2 for the Sony A99, Nikon D600 and D800E, and Canon 5D Mark iii. So far I've come to the conclusion that for what I mostly shoot I'm mainly missing a little resolution, and that's not a big deal. At iso 100 the D800E and A99 have the nice sharp look I'm used to, with the A99 being a little more crystal clear (could be the lens). The Nikon 24-70 2.8, shot at 24mm close up to a shelf of books makes it look like a fish-eye lens. At higher iso the Sony appears a little more noisy than the Nikons, but its low iso shots look better (with the very limited samples I grabbed and processed) . The D600 is clean at iso 100, but kind of rubbery looking at %100 percent.

They all of course have better high iso shots than the E5, but they are far from noise free.

It's a good exercise to try, now that 4.2 supports all these cameras.

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