Help Understand/Evaluate Fuji X-Pro 1 IQ and "Look" of Sample Pics

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Re: Help Understand/Evaluate Fuji X-Pro 1 IQ and "Look" of Sample Pics

I was never as nuts as this post or some others on DPR come across, but I was very careful about image quality on my 5DmkII.  High end tripod, tripod in bright sun, bubble level always, f/8 almost always, expose right, bracket always, etc. etc. etc.

I wasn't totally off base, but there was definitely an element of trying to substitute control over a photograph for control over other things.

Photography is an art.  Your subjects, your processing, your process, etc. can tell you a lot about yourself.

I bought the Fuji around the time I resolved some other issues and I have been using it in a much more freewheeling manner than I ever used my 5D.  It is an absolutely excellent camera for this.  It also just happens to produce unbelievably high quality results while allowing you to shoot in a freewheeling manner.  It facilitates a style of photography I was not able to enjoy for a very long time.  It's a joy to use.  I still love my 5d, but I mostly bring the Fuji now unless it's a really serious trip or a job.

If what you posted here are seriously your requirements, don't buy this camera.  It's interface does not facilitate insane pixel peeping IQ.  It doesn't even have separate RGB histos.  I was never a pixel peeper, but I am picky about sharpness and CA, and the results from the Fuji compare very favorably to my 5d....but that's not the point.  A DSLR is the camera you need if you want to get this fastidious about things.  This camera will be unsatisfying in that regard, whether or not the IQ meets your extremely detailed requirements.

Photography is a lot more fun and a lot better outlet when you don't operate this way.  Buy the Fuji as a ridiculously high quality camera that you use to get away from these kinds of largely irrelevant questions.

The technical nature of this site allows many people to look at photography as a technical pursuit and not what it is: an art.  There should be more discussion of the mental factors that go in to one's photographs.

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