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Re: Rest easy my friends...

Ken is an idiot and I don't read his site unless it's the only review of a new product out there...


I think Fuji has a real chance to challenge Leica with the X System.  If Fuji comes out with a FF x system camera, there aren't going to be too many advantages to the Leica other than the real rangefinder.  That is a big asset for some types of photography, but is it worth a $4000 (and that's for the M-E) price difference?  For some it is, for most it absolutely is not.

Leica's glass is clearly the best part of the system, and now you can adapt.  Their sensors have never been mind-blowingly good or revolutionary at all.  The Fuji X glass is seriously impressive too.  Fuji was smart to come with lenses that were so high quality and did shallow depth of field so well.  Again...the price disparity is absolutely titanic and I don't think it can be ignored.

I think Fuji needs to come with a FF body with weather sealing and phase detection AF.  If they did that it would be very hard for a lot of people to justify the expense of a Leica.  If they aren't going to do a real rangefinder they can pretty much drop the OVF as well.  It's another price/feature tradeoff and without the ability to MF in the OVF I'm not sure it's worth doing.  I know some people will disagree with this, vehemently, but will most?

Obviously, I am not a big fan of Leica, mostly because I think in the digital world they charge way too much money for their stuff given the performance you get.  I'm in to high end stereo so I understand how it works with the point of diminishing returns and price, but in some cases the Leica really hasn't even delivered better performance.  If Fuji came out with a $3000 FF body with a real rangefinder I think they would put an even more serious ding in Leica's business.

Apparently Leica is feeling the heat too given the models they have released.  They're a great camera company with a lot of history so I hope they are able to keep competing, but I think their prices on digital gear have been absolutely ridiculous.  They deserve to take a hit for that.

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