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Re: No need to spend big money for resolution

SRT201 wrote:

If you want maximum detail go pick up a manual Rikenon XR 50mm f2 or f1.7 on eBay for $15 to $50. They are also often branded by Sears. Those lenses are razor sharp corner to corner. Outperforms my Pentax M50 1.7. Great for landscapes. Be careful to avoid the P versions unless you know how to remove the P pin (it's easy). The P versions can get stuck on AF Pentax bodies.

Having owned an XR on an excellent XR-1 body (at least as good as any of the pre-LX Pentaxes), and sold many of the m50 f/1.7s in the day - I can't let that claim pass. The Pentax is much better built, and has much better contrast especially against light. The Ricoh lens is sharp, and probably has an edge over the Minolta and Canon equivalents of that era, but it really isn't a close comparison to the Pentax or Nikon versions.

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