First Time FF User - 5DM3 or D600?

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Re: For landscapes, the Nikon D600 is the better camera.

Kabe Luna wrote:

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MayaTlab0 wrote:

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Press Correspondent wrote:

Specs are not equivalent at all. 5D3 has a vastly superior AF and LV, quiet electronic shutter, and a host of other different features.

What people forget is that the D600 has 'a host of other different features' which the 5DIII does not, such as:

  • quieter mechanical shutter

That one is wrong : the 5D III's silent mode remains quite substantially quieter than the D600's default shutter release (I'm not counting its quiet mode which isn't quieter at all, just more elongated, like other Nikons or the 1DX). It's true though that the D600 shows good progress from Nikon in that area.

I understand that the D600's mechanical shutter is quieter than the 5DIII's mechanical shutter. Of course the 5DIII's electronic shutter is quieter, and a real innovation, but if you need full speed, the D600 is going to be quieter.

Bob, what are you referring to when you speak of the 5DIII's "electronic" shutter. To my understanding (or perhaps lack thereof), only in Live View does the 5DIII use an electronic first curtain "shutter." In its silent mode, the shutter response and timings seem simply slowed down to match the somewhat more lethargic and quieter action of the Rebels. Am I missing something?

I might be missing something - I had read that its silent mode uses electronic first curtain.

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