New forum look. Questions and suggestions for improvements.

Started Oct 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
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skyglider Veteran Member • Posts: 4,451
New forum look. Questions and suggestions for improvements.


1. Where is the "collapsed style" option that I've been reading about?  I can't find it.

2. How does one preview a post before actually posting it?


1. Could you please eliminate the double space when pressing ENTER while typing replies?  Just let the user double space lines for paragraph formatting.  Sometimes, it's helpful to be able to end a line but single space for more readability.  Word processors don't do auto double line spacing when ENTER is pressed. Let the user decide how to format his/her post.  The software should not attempt to be smarter than the user.

2. Please make the index subject font size smaller to match the font size of readable messages.  Or allow the user to change the index subject font size.  Currently, it's unnecessarily too large and just uses more screen real-estate and actually makes it harder to read the index. (for me anyway)



(See what I mean?  I just pressed ENTER after typing in "Thanks," and got a double line space when I wanted a single line space to type my handle.  Don't let the software make formatting decisions for humans.  The software is not smarter.)

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