The 4/3 tele advantage myth

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Here's the secret. . .

eaa wrote:

Pit123 wrote:

Thats why we all need sharp lenses for wildlife! With sharp lenses you can crop and still maintain as nice image.

Yes, and that's why Zuiko lenses on average have double the resolution of FF lenses. They are specifically designed for the smaller sensor. Just go read some MTF graphs. Or keep on cropping from your Canon Coke bottles

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Ah those mtf graphs must be pretty important for wildlife shooters. . .but wait I can't seem to find many Olympus shooters National Geographic though. . .hrm why is that? I mean I believe one or two did shoot for nat geo or used to. . .but 99% are canikon shooters. . .weird. . .
I'll let you in on a secret, please don't tell anyone ok? If your lens is good enough and your manufacturer keeps up with technology and you're able to get worldwide support. . .this might matter a whole lot more than solely relying on some graphs and charts for a few lenses! It's pretty crazy isn't it!?

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