Nikon 10-24 anyone using?

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Re: Air bubbles

I got one a week ago, still didn't use it the way it should be used neither I am good at shooting landscapes (no fantasy at all, looks like everything has already been done here with that kind of photography, waiting for some nice clouds to pop up but no hurry about that...), to me it looks like a nice lens, distortion is not too bad, the max aperture is not the same of the pro lenses but who cares, for landscaping it has enough aperture and I don't miss the VR (which I find not worth at all on such a short lens), construction is ok, nothing grand but also not the cheap one, if price is ok go for it, I got mine as the only DX lens in my small glass park but I know the day I wanna get rid of it there should be no problem into getting money out of it.

p.s. it is sharp and a bit cold, maybe because I am used to the old glasses I have like the 80-200D or the 35-70D and 50Df1.4 but for landscaping I don't mind more detail and less warmth

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