Why Olympus Really Needs to Make a True SLR E-7

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A contrarian's take...

The EM5 comes on about as quickly as my E3, maybe a bit slower. Both run the SSWF dust buster on startup, which eats up some time. Yes, you can get a dslr without the SSWF and it will start up qucker. It will also get dust bunnies, something I've never seen on five Oly bodies, from E1 through EM5.

Astrophotography - I love the EVF for that. It has magnified view in the EVF for focus, that's lovely. For framing, I use either my C8 as an autoguider with EM5 and lens mounted on top and the C8's finder to locate things, or if I'm doing tripod shots, I keep both eyes open when panning around, that usually gets me in the rough vicinity of what I'm after.

In general, I have a preference for the E3's OVF, unless I'm using the live shadow/highlight preview, or the 'instant chimp', or a few other features. The EM5's evf is not an impediment to proper composition.

As for what's going in in general... based on this year's PK, it's not just Oly getting out of midrange dslr's, it appears to be everyone...

Most DSLR's weren't bought by enthusiasts, they were bought by weekend snapshotters, and probably never made it out of P mode, or saw anything other than kit glass. They outnumbered the dedicated amateur by about ten to one. The rest of us were just along for the volume production ride, lots of new models to attract consumers, more functionality for less cost, and outside of dedicated amateurs, most of that new functionality was never used by the consumer purchaser.

What has happened recently is - we're losing that beginner/weekender subsidy. Those legions of weekend snapshotters who got big box stores to stock 7D's and D7000's are going mirrorless. So the DSLR isn't dead by any means, but it will become more expensive. And it's mirrorless that will see the introduction of new models every year, increased performance at lower prices, to keep those consumer purchases flowing.

The party is over.  Join the party.

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