D1 & D2 are FX cameras?

Started Oct 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
Wojciech Sawicki
Wojciech Sawicki Contributing Member • Posts: 622
Re: D1 & D2 are FX cameras?

This just comes to show how hard it is to sort the forum into categories, with nikon's product lines shifting characteristics and spanning multiple categories...

Like the others said, though, the D1 and D2 are part of the exact same line as D3 and D4. And if you look closely, from a strictly mechanical standpoint, they are FX bodies... with little DX sensors in them. The mirror box, matte screen, prism, they're all FX format. There's just an added frame to crop the view in the viewfinder, and another cropping frame around the shutter (otherwise the same as the F6 - a 35mm body). The D1 was in fact a mix of F5 and F100 body parts.

So what the forum says is true... from a certain point of view

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