Aperture3.4 VS Capture one Pro 6 VS Lightroom 4

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Re: Aperture3.4 VS Capture one Pro 6 VS Lightroom 4

As others said, this is really too broad a topic but I'll throw a few things in:

  • Capture One Pro 6 is not an organizer. It is really more of a browser and RAW processor with extra tools. To get the organizational abilities of Lightroom or Aperture, Capture One Pro would need "something else" like their MediaPro application (or some other tool like Photomechanic).
  • Capture One Pro 6 has an excellent keystone correction tool. If you do architecture for instance, you may want this feature. Aperture doesn't have it, not sure about Lightoom.
  • Each tool mentioned is a RAW converter. I think they are all very good now, but you should review and see how you like their conversions. For me, Capture One has more of a "look" when you first open files, you may or may not like it.  But by default, again, before you make adjustments, CP images have a slightly different look.
  • Capture One Pro 6 has the concept of variants: where one raw file can have multiple variants or versions. This is similar to Apertures "versions".
  • Plug-ins: With Aperture and Lightroom you can get plugins (e.g. Nik Color Efex Pro) and use them right from Aperture/Lightroom without having to buy Photoshop.  With CaptureOne Pro, I believe (could be wrong) that you can't get "plug ins" per se,  you must complete the RAW conversion and send to Photoshop for more extensive processing (if needed).  My point is, that if you want some of those extended tools, Aperture/Ligthroom plugins can help you avoid the cost of CS6.... if that matters.
  • Capture one can do a lot with tethered shooting.  If that's important for you, you should research it vs the others. I don't know how the three compare on this topic.
  • Chromatic aberration correction: Capture One pro seems very strong to me.  I haven't compared the noise reduction tools though.
  • They all have free trials I believe, I know it's an investment in time, but you should really run with the free trials and kick the tires. 
  • They all allow "local" adjustments (e.g brush on sharpening or saturation for example)


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