MFT and diffraction blur when shooting landscapes

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Re: MFT and diffraction blur when shooting landscapes

Pikme wrote:

First, you are confusing sharpness with focus and depth of field.

This may well be so. I was referring to the very subjective impression of detail sharpness in front and back of the focus point (I tried to do set it the text book way, i.e. at one third of all the way).

Second, ignore all the stuff you read about diffraction here - all you need to know is to avoid f16 unless you need the extra depth of field (e.g. macro) and avoid f22 unless you need to slow your shutter speed (e.g. blurring moving water).  You don't need to use f16 or f22 for landscapes with mFT.

What about those accounts stating that diffraction blur is a rather neglectable cause for blur and when shooting landscapes you just want the smallest f-stop available to increase dof. Is that outdated knowledge of the FF era?

Third, take a look here to get some understanding of depth of field with m4/3 lenses:

Thanks, will check that out.

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