Olympus OMD E5 all that?

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Re: Olympus OMD E5 all that?

Kevin Peters wrote:

Hi Guys--I am seriously thinking of getting the OMD, looks like a great camera not too big or small and a view finder and nice lens selection! I don't think I really want a DSLR again, had a nikon D300 too big, but love the looks of the Pentax k5 but still seems a little large, in still torn a little I guess and i know the obvious differences between that two

Im looking for good IQ, punch colors, great JPEG I don't like PP! lol

I like relatively compact...and I  think there is something about Oly that is intriguing..

It seems to have rave reviews is this camera really that good??

It truly is a very fine camera.  It is a bit expensive though.  You might want to look at the new Olympus PENS that were just announced.  They use the same sensor and should be a bit cheaper.

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