Stay with DX? Or go whole-hog into m4/3?

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Re: Stay with DX? Or go whole-hog into m4/3?

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Long time Nikon user loves his D7000 and gaggle of lenses, yet cannot help but be disappointed at how bulky it all gets when he travels. Going overseas is just not that much fun any more ...

So ... I have dipped my toe in with an excellent price on the GF3 and 14-42 power zoom (sharp!!) and am really enjoying the experience. Despite the weak shadows at higher ISO, I really like this camera and lens. And now I am coveting the OM-D E-M5 as a potential replacement for the D7000.

It means that I have to shop for lenses, and getting the same capability will cost a lot more (Tamron and Sigma not really in the party yet) but then, I also like primes and I have a small 50mm 1.4 from Pentax for which I am getting the adapter. Plus, the 45mm Olympus 1.8 and some of the shorter FLs are quite excellent.

It also means that tracking flying jets and other animals for informal fun is that much harder. I've not yet seen an EVF that is anywhere near as good at this as the D7000's OVF. I am not too concerned about the contrast detect AF issues, but the VF is still a worry point for me.

So ... the question. There must be people here that have done this. Any interesting reasoning you can share? As Johnny 5 would say ... innnnnput, I need innnnput ....

Well, I just moved from the D7000 to the E-M5. a few days ago. Here's what I've experienced so far:

  • EVF isn't better than OVF, just different. If you're used to the OVF, then you WILL miss it. I'm "sort of" missing it after a few uses, but I think it just depends on the application.
  • You will realize just how long the D7000's batteries last once you've tried the E-M5. Only 200 photos and lobatt indicator on the latter? Errrm...that's definitely gonna take some getting used to.
  • E-M5's menus are more logical, IMHO.
  • The E-M5 with a battery grip will feel similar to the D7000, if you don't have a shoulder strap on.
  • The Olympus colours are brilliant!
  • There are no FL markings on the Olympus 12-50mm kit lens, so it's not as "tactile" as I'd have liked.

Personally, if you value portability over performance, the E-M5 will not disappoint. If you value the OVF and focus tracking, then just stick with the D7000.

Here's something that might interest you:

E-M5, f/6.3 1/100s ISO200
Zoom 12-50mm f/3.5-6.3

That was JPEG extracted from RAW. I think the bokeh's pretty damn good for a kit lens. =o

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