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Re: 6D: interesting observations

oscarvdvelde wrote:

showmetheprime wrote:

With regards to buttons and a possible touchscreen, Canon have stated, and I quote directly from them, that the 6D is "drip proof". I think that answers all of the queries here

It's the lowest grade of weather sealing in a camera that they could get away with ever. I can see them chortling over the decision now....The Marketing Director says "we must have weather sealing in this amazing new full frame camera", the Finance Director screws up his face and says "but make it the absolute minimum we can get away with". The Engineering Director says "we can do splash proof" but the Finance Director smiles wryly and says laughing "no, our users will buy absolutely anything, surely we can go much less than that?". "OK, how about drip proof" says the Engineering Director, "we can try and make it so that it can take a single drip of water".

It's true that the unusual way of describing the grade of sealing for this camera only adds to the confusion. I hope the whitepaper and the manual will describe what it actually means. The Canon 5D III has "enhanced weathersealing" which sounds like: okay we improved the sealing but no guarantees it will be sufficient. It is not "fully weathersealed" like the 1D series. I thought the 5D II also used this term (improved over the 5D) but there are reports that camera failed very often on Antarctic photo tours.

As for the 6D, in my interpretation, if something is "x and y-proof" it means it won't fail or lose functionality because of x and y. Dripping probably refers to light to moderate rain. But not continuous heavy rain or buckets of water (splashproof?). With such clear claims, I invite a review site to actually verify this. In any case it should be better than the older 5D models and it makes sense since this camera is marketed as landscape and travel photographers camera.

Affirmative. My 5D III had moisture below the top display after being soaked by rain for about 10min. Camera was hanging around my neck. It did not fail but made me worried about the enhanced sealing.



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