!.5 firmware makes hum louder

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Re: !.5 firmware makes hum louder

dko22 wrote:

It does say in several places in the instructions, that the firmware can't be returned to the previous version. My humble take on this, having just upgraded, is that the amount of noise varies. The background goes from being almost totally inaudible to noticeably quieter than before. With the half press, it does seem sometimes louder and other times similar to before the firmware update. I suspect there are a number of factors at play here, quite apart from subjective ones. It seems to vary according to how long the camera has been on or how long you hold the shutter or perhaps even what you focus on (although I can't hear any clear difference between MF and AF). This probably explains the differing reports from different users. And that's without taking different IS, AF and other camera settings into account.

I reckon we should all stop making a fuss and focus on what has improved in things like C-AF tracking, better IS/AF performance and perhaps other undocumented improvements as some users have already done. Both from v1.1 and 1.2 which those having recently bought the camera should have.


JL Auch wrote:

The hum seems louder now to me as well. Also if I jiggle the camera with the shutter half-pressed it makes a chunky noise, which it never made before. Is it possible to downgrade the firmware? I would downgrade because of this change. The hum never never bothered me before now it slightly annoying.


Olympus had a very good reason for subjecting  us foolish enough to upgrade to a louder hum. Now after all that work why in this world would they let us revert to a lower version number. Olympus will never allow it!

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