E5, Voice Tag.

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Re: Also available with XZ1, EP2 and EM5

Note the musical note in the top corner. All I have to do is click on the note and the sound bite plays. I can also select the photo and then do File/Linked sound/play.

Well, that's interesting.

I get the musical note icon in both Viewer and Studio, although the Viewer version does not have the parentheticals around it.  But clicking on the note merely switches the screen to show that particular image alone, without the note.  Clicking again returns to the browse mode.  The only way I can play the audio files is to go to Sound - play in the drop down menus.

Studio 2 was such a dreadful mess for mac users when it first debuted. Olympus did fix many of the problems, thankfully, but still it is clear that the mac version is second thought.

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