5DIII & jetaircraft; which AF case do you use?

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Martin Muehlemann
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Re: 5DIII & jetaircraft; which AF case do you use?

Schoonderwoerd wrote:

I'm a new proud owner of a 5DIII.

I like to shoot jetaircraft.

Someone experience taking jetaircraft? If so, what is the prefered AF case? 2 or 4?
Did you adjust the parameters?

Thanks for your help.


At the last airshow I use the default case. That was fast enough for an F/A-18 at m0.98. No chance to change AF focus point during action. Used 90% the center as on my 5D2. My biggest issue was the missing focal length. I had 400mm and optimal would have been 600 to 800. Because of cloudy skies I bumped ISO to 800+. I have not seen any advantage to my 5D2, due to this I sold my 5D3 and will get some bigger glass for the next airshow next week. I got 600mm f/2.8 and a TC2x to get me 1200mm

For wedding the 5D3 was a big improvment, for my Airshows the center AF of a 5D2 if quick enough. The 1500 bucks extra go into lenses.

This is my summary after two Airshows with the 5D3.



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