Eeek! i just bought the 16-55mm pancake lense for 148.00

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Re: Eeek! i just bought the 16-55mm pancake lense for 148.00

thesilverfox wrote:

santiclaws wrote:

Jogger wrote:

Why wouldnt you just wait to buy from a real store? I only use eBay for obscure things that i cant find locally.. like 3M dual lock tape. .. or, cheap memory cards since they are ridiculously priced in Canada.

I've bought lots and lots of things on ebay without problems, many for much less than I could at a retail store, but the last thing I'd buy on ebay is memory cards. I've seen estimates that up to 90% of memory cards sold on ebay are fake.

I agree. I did once regretted it. Never again.

Oh wow, i have heard about fake memory cards. The last few i bought were retail and heavily discounted. But, ive never had an issue with memory cards... i never buy from suspcious buyers or if the price is too ridiculously low. Its just that the price differential from Canada-US is so high, esp. for hig hcapacity cards.

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