I hate the new layout..!!!

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Same here

MarceloLI wrote:

In my pro profile, I have e-mail notifications DISABLED except for private messages but the little box underneath a new forum post, is ticket by default..!!!

Same Here

I don't want to receive messages from DPR every time someone reply in a thread.

I know that I can un-tick the box but it is really annoying to do that every time I'm posting.

I don't think you have to as I'm not getting any notification with it checked

You guys new to work a lot fixing all those bugs and bad decisions against the users of this forum.

No bad decisions IMO, but the do seem to be aggressively working on bugs.

In my kindle fire is impossible to read the forum, every time I click on a thread or something pops up a new window with advertising form Amazon..!! Annoying..!!

I don't think dpreview can affect the parent company in a way that would get them to change the kindle fire browsing apps

This is not an upgrade this is retrograde.


Sorry but it is the truth.

I honestly don't think so

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