Kit for Pro Dental Images/Video?

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Re: Kit for Pro Dental Images/Video?

If you are wanting to do video and photo, I would suggest the t3i with kit lens as an affordable option. I own this camera myself and it's a great little cam and would do what you want very easily.

to do photos and videos, you will need the following

- tripod - You can spend $50-$500 on a tripod, it just depends on how long you want it to last. Manfrotto is my personal fav. If you're not going to be moving around a lot, just get a nice heavy video camera tripod with a fluid head and use it for both photo and video.

- Audio recorder of some sort, if you're including voices or sound. I've used my iPhone many times as it produces much better sound than the built in mic, you can even go for something like the zoom h1 for an external audio recorder, or get something like the rhode videomic and plug it into the camera.

- flash, maybe 1 or two with remote triggers and stands. You can get cheap manually controlled flashes for about $50 a piece.

-  4 Clamp lights with 5000k 100w equivalent flourescent bulbs. This is to light your video work. You should also get a few flood lights to use as hair/rim lights.

- 5-1 reflector with stand, to help with added lighting.

- backdrops, white and black sheets, even dyed muslins. You can also use natural settings like a nice park, waiting room, dentice office, whatever you want for your videos. For your photos a black or white backdrop would be nice, it just depends on the look your going for

- editing software. Something like premiere elements for video, and with Canon cameras you can edit them in the included Digital Photo Professional software, or go for something like Lightroom or photoshop elements.

I can't really explain HOW to do this to you without turning it into a course, but this is the basic equipment you need to accomplish your goal of creating videos and taking pictures of teeth.


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