The verdict is in: EOS-M is terribly SLOW.

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Sean Nelson
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Re: The EOS-M Quandary...

YiannisPP wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

Marco Nero wrote:

Sure, there's plenty of mirror-less alternatives on the market.  But how many can I stick my L-lenses on?

From what I can see, that's the only unique thing the EOS-M has going for it.   If you don't have any existing Canon glass then I really don't see why you'd want one.

Maybe because the potential IQ is higher than the other mirrorless systems? It has as big a sensor as any and the best collection of lenses?

I bought my existing APS DSLR because it was "good enough" compared to FF.  Technology has moved on, and M43 is now "good enough" for my needs.  As I've explained in another post, M43 sensors are not that much smaller than APS-C and they now exceed the noise performance of my current DSLR, so their sensor size is pretty much a non-issue for me.

Canon does indeed have an excellent selection of lenses.   But the problem is that they're almost all designed without compact size as an important design goal, so most of them defeat the biggest advantages of a mirrorless system - small size and light weight.   The M43 system has more then enough lens choice with more than enough quality to satisfy me, and those lenses are all quite a lot smaller and lighter than my existing APS and FF lenses of equivalent fields of view.

If size and weight weren't an important consideration for me, I wouldn't be considering a switch to mirrorless in the first place.

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