Help with developing RAW's

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Re: Help with developing RAW's

Hello Gobo, good to have you here.

Now, here is my two cents:

- as for post processing I found Lightroom (LR) (and still find to a certain extent) a little complicated for novices. (By this I am speaking for me.) I prefer the little brother of Photoshop (PS), Photoshop Elements (PSE), that now is out in version 11 (I have v10). It should give you all you need to get started with a much more beginner-friendly frontend than LR and PS. Pricing seems reasonable to me, especially when you can live with a previous version. It has even got Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) included. My only gripe is that the ACR version in PSE has fewer options as opposed to the ACR in Photoshop or Lightroom.

- as for pictures with dark foreground and light background: To my understanding, this is always a disadvantagous scenario you might want to avoid, generally. When taking the picture you could improve the situation by using fill flash in order to brighten the otherwise dark object (using flash is a science, here is just one tipp: while doing this you might want to go in S mode and choose a rather long shutter speed like 1/15 to catch more ambient light). What you can do in post processing is trying to lighten the shadows and decreasing the highlights with the according faders in order to get a more even lighting. However, in my experience, this comes at the cost of unnatural looking color contrasts. To save this picture from dumping I suggest you convert the picture into monochrome. That will give you more room for adjusting shadows/highlights.

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