Moving from Canon 60D to a Sony NEX

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Re: Moving from Canon 60D to a Sony NEX

I have recently moved to the NEX 7 having owned a 1D MKIII and several L and other lenses. I, too, was always trying to decide what to leave at home since the outfit weighed more than my golf bag! I have the two basic Sony lenses, plus I have been buying up, mainly, Minolta MD lenses and adaptors. I now have 17,28,50,135 and 200 lenses plus a 2x converter all of which together cost less than £250.00. If I'm happy snapping I will take out the A/F Sonys but for "real" photography I use the manual focus lenses and boy, am I re-learning some skills.

My experience with the NEX 7 is that the viewfinder is fine in good light, pretty poor in low light but then you can use the rear screen more easily. Focus peaking and manual focus magnification is excellent but you need to search the menus to get it all set up properly. Also lock the ISO control or you will inadvertently alter it at some point. The onboard flash is just about useless and the movie button is too easily pressed by accident. I would hope that Sony will address these issues with a software update but don't hold your breath.

It would also be nice, as many have said, to have some preset options to allow you to quickly switch from one custom setting to another. Other than that an excellent camera which has re-kindled my enthusiasm.

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