iPhoto file structure and possible Aperture switch

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Re: iPhoto file structure and possible Aperture switch

Larry251 wrote:

Thanks for your response.  It sounds like you are extremely organized And your method makes sense.  My desire for a folder structure isn't for organizational purposes.  I'm fine with iPhoto or aperture as an organizational tool.   It's just that if I ever want to move out of those programs to a Windows machorgan the structure Apple uses to store the data on the computer makes it very difficult to export the pictures simply (although I believe there may be a program to assist with that).

I have iPhoto 11 and I'm using the Mac/iPhoto approach to photo management.  Within  iPhoto I  have events set to 1 day and in iPhoto 11 I was able to export with one folder per event, thereby maintaining the folder structure I was accustomed to in Windows.

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