FZ150 over FZ100 was MASSIVE improvement. FZ200 over FZ150? Hmmm

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Re: FZ150 over FZ100 was MASSIVE improvement. FZ200 over FZ150? Hmmm

quezra wrote:

The FZ200 is a (3) & (4) upgrade over the FZ150 - the EVF and the f2.8 lens particularly.  The FZ150 was more of a (2) improvement over the FZ100.  FZ200 likely has the exact same sensor as the FZ150 inside, and side-by-side shots are really not going to tell you much, especially when nearly everyone who's done them in this forum have had really basic errors in their settings when shooting.

Yes, shooting errors/technique problems, and photo newbies, have shown the worst results from those posting "bad" photos.

The FZ200 can do stuff the FZ150 can't.  Try shooting a 600mm shot at sunset trying to catch a bird in natural light.  Try shooting sports under school-field-stadium lights.  Try shooting indoors macro in natural light.  etc.  If you don't do any of these, or you've adjusted your photography to only shoot in broad daylight, sure you aren't going to see much improvement. But people who love to shoot in difficult conditions, under ambient light, etc. - they are going to love the FZ200.  The versatility and reach of this camera makes it a highly desirable tele-backup for that sort of user.

+1. Agree 100%. I get stuff with my FZ200 I couldn't get with the same quality with my FZ150. Full-zoom low light at low ISO have been possible, whereas in the same situation with the FZ150 the lens was just too slow and ISO too high. I'm very pleased with the FZ200 improvements.

People (and I've done this myself) will always try to justify that what they have is fine, which is true if you restrict the type of shooting conditions you do photography in.

Very well stated post, querza


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