I hate the new layout..!!!

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Re: And no direct links to posts from a member's Forum tab...

RedFox88 wrote:

noirdesir wrote:

... instead just links to first and last post in a thread? If I want to find posts of a member, I want to find the posts, not just the threads.

Dude, just switch the view to "posts" instead of "recent activity".  So many of the things people are whining about on here today are still there if they just bothered to look around before posting about a "problem"!

You know, if somebody had bothered to post a list of all changes, of the new features and how to find old features in the new layout, 95% of all complaints would not have happened. But those who are responsible for the new design naturally had used it already themselves for quite some time, so they naturally know where things are. It is fine to add new features for users to discover at their own leisure, it is not fine to move existing features around, don't say a peep about anything and expect everybody to be happy.

And guess what, in the old layout 'Home' was all recent activity, and 'Forum' was all my forum posts. Why should 'Recent Activity' in a user profile include posts by others? I read 'Recent Activity' in my profile and I assume it is *my* recent activity. And since it don't see any other things like challenges, galleries, or comments, it must be only my posting activity. In a user profile I expect to find the user's stuff first and only later things like replies. You might want to lump posts and replies into one top-level category but 'Recent Activity' is not such a lumped category, heck it does not even list just replies (do this and label it replies and people will immediately grasp what it is) it lists random posts in threads I had posted in. Most of these will be totally unrelated to what I had posted about. Why is that the default and top-level category?

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