Trouble with fall leaf colors

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Re: Trouble with fall leaf colors

RGBaker wrote:

If it is an IR problem, the results will vary dramatically by time of day -- the 'worst' time for IR contamination will be high sun, low angle sun (and so more atmosphere for the light path) will have less.  Google reveals various IR cut filters priced similar to a quality polarizing filter.  Seems a solvable problem that will only reveal itself in certain specific circumstances.


If it is an IR issue (subject soaked in IR), then how would beach photos look?

Also: suppose it is IR causing this, would the reaction of the camera not be to move the colors away from red?

I'd like to understand what happens when you set the camera to daylight instead of AWB.

Also, would be nice to have a download link for the RAW file to investigate.

I have to wait 1 more week I guess for nature to produce a similar foliage here where I live.

I suspect the AWB is recognizing this as a sunset image and is deliberately moving this into the reds.

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