best settings for bars/clubs

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Re: best settings for bars/clubs

There is not much to add here. But I think you should consider a flash.
Even if your budget is quite low a flash greatly improves your possibilities.

There are old flashes you can get for a few bucks that are good enough for most situations.

Old Metz flashes have a good automatic mode (you have to enter ISO and aperture, the flash does the rest. Since you do not change those things every 10s it's not a deal breaker imho). You can even get them to work with pre flash TTL on your SLT when you have specific SCA 3000 flashes with the adapter SCA3302 (firmware version 8).

I have no idea how hard it is to get them in the states but in Europe you can get a decent one for $20-50 (without "TTL adapter" but with the old Sony/Minolta adapter). That is a steal.

Metz 32MZ-3 or 40MZ-3 are proven to work with pre flash TTL when used with SCA 3302 M8 on SLTs. Both can turn horizontal 180° in one and 90° in the other direction and vertical up to 90°. The guide number is equal to the model number. You might wanna use some kind of foil as a filter to adept the flash light to the ambient light in a bar if you do not like the "warm look".

Some old minolta flashes also work with pre flash TTL (3600HS and 5400HS I think).

If you wanna use the inbuild flash you can try to bounce it by using a little makeup mirror. Using the flash on the 2nd curtain can give you a nice look of the action inside a bar. You can create nice effects by syncing the flash with the 2nd curtain and move the camera or zoom with your lens before the flash fires (zoom with one hand, hold the makeup mirror with the second hand and press the shutter with your third hand while showing your "model" where to look with the fourth hand :D)

When using TTL you do not have to enter ISO or aperture of course 

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