Pentax's K-5 II and IIs sample gallery

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Barry Pearson wrote:

miles green wrote:

DaveJC wrote:

Here are a couple of shots put out by Pentax I found posted on the other forum. They are of different scenes and different lighting so who is to say. The 2s images do appear to hold up to 100% pixel peeping in PS more so than the 2. YMMV

Still need side by side same lighting to really see.

Removing the AA filter seems like a very good idea for 99% of the shots. Check out the details in the trees between the 2 models. They may not be side-by-side comparisons, but there is definitely a difference!

You get increased resolution without the penalties (fewer fps, smaller buffer, worse high-iso, larger files...) I like this kind of thinking from Pentax!

That and better AF... I might be tempted after all!

We need better comparisons, don't we? Put the lens on a tripod for consistency of scene, then attach different camera bodies to it, for example. With the raw files available, of course!

-On a cold still day with dry air, mirror up, manual focus by magnified live view, remote release...........

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