X-E1 ... first impressions (and images)

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@ Roel, Armanius, Bashar AbdRabbou, bestbyte, Titus, njb311

newlens wrote:

I do like the Fujifilm cameras a lot, especially the X100, X-Pro1 and now, X-E1.

Adobe is an American company. Personally, I could not care less about what nationality a company is - I just care if they make, sell and support a good product that I can use. I use a Japanese camera, process my images with American software on a Chinese made computer (designed in the USA) and check email on my Korean smartphone - plus I am a Canadian. The point is that I use what I like the best.

To accuse me of "racial" considerations, is absurd.

armanius wrote:

@Roel - Thanks for the writeup Roel. I preordered the XE1 with the kit lens, and hope to have it soon.

@bestbyte - Roel seems to like his Fuji cameras a lot. Last I heard, Fuji is Japanese. So the logic that he favors Adobe over Silkypix because of "racial" considerations sounds absurd to me. Just saying.

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Total Noob Photographer

Hi all,

I am sure Mr Roel would have had better words for Silkypix had it been available from Adorama, B&H Photo, Amazon. Internet if full of pro wannabes trying to make money at the expense of others… Photography is an ART and not a tool to improve sales of certain products.


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