First Time FF User - 5DM3 or D600?

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Re: Hey, Look what I found....

VivaLasVegas wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

VivaLasVegas wrote:

Look at that PLASTIC lense mount riddle with holes to receive a superficial metal mount cap, weak!

Glad you repeat this complete balls, which you last proffered on post 150 of a previous thread, thus avoiding being debunked.

That is not the lens mount (that is the word, 'lens', not 'lense', unless you're trying to be 'olde worlde', in which case it should be 'lense mounte'). That is the chassis, onto which the metal lens mount is screwed. this structure is exactly the same as the 5DIII which also has a plastic structure onto which a metal lens mount is screwed. What you're calling a 'superficial metal mount cap', is the lens mount, about 2mm thick of metal, just the same for the 5DII.

There is a reason why pro bodies like, 1DX/D4/A99 use metal skin, the ultimate protection. Having said that, there is also a reason why entry level bodies like T4i/D3200/A57 use plastic skin, to maximize profit margin, that is it. Plastic is cheaper than metal just like labor in Thailand is CHEAPER than labor in Japan. Just like the World Trade Center, the exterior walls(dslr skin) are structural, it fights off shear forces and an accidental drop. Plastic feels and smells cheap.

D600 has a plastic skin + plastic innards that is assembled in Thailand. 5D3 has a metal skin + plastic innards that is assebled in Japan.

As for the sealing, its just the same. the fact the graphic artist decided top make it a different colour doesn't mean anything at all.

What do expect Nikon do, expose their pathic weather sealing short comings by providing a wire frame model rendering of a dental floss sealing without rubberize gaskets around buttons. Nikon did their best to hide this short coming by having a "graphic artist" paint superficial blue color dental floss string. Just remember Nikon DOES NOT provide rubberize gaskets around buttons.

You really enjoy being caught with your pantalones down Viva.

The image you keep referring to re. the weather sealing on the Nikon does indeed have gaskets around the buttons.

I do wonder when you are going to realise what an absolute fool you are making of yourself with all the nonsense you produce. (Since you are so insecure, I do not expect a reseponse from you)


Here again have a look

Here, look at those rubberize gaskets engulfing all the buttons in 5D3.

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