Full blown photo editing... for iOS

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Re: Full blown photo editing... for iOS

1. If you're concerned about "time to start working on a laptop", you can boot the laptop, set up the applications, and put it to sleep.  Then you just wake it from sleep and put it back to sleep.

2. You're not likely to see an iPad that can double as an Intuos tablet (or other artist's tablet).  As the success of the iPad demonstrates, you don't need a tablet as sophisticated as an Intuous for a lot of the applications for which people buy iPads.  So adding a high degree of precision, and pen support, and pressure sensitivity, would basically increase the cost of the product while doing relatively little to increase its appeal to the general market.

3. Windows tablets have been around for some time now.  They didn't magically convert mouse-and-keyboard applications into touch screen ones.  Assuming that Intel-based Windows 8 tablets come out that are powerful enough to run Photoshop and Lightroom (with the aid of an external keyboard and mouse), exactly why would one choose one of these over a Windows-based UltraBook?

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