SX50 - new arrival in Oz...

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SX50 - new arrival in Oz...

Hi guys,

After a short affair with the SX40HS, I sold it on and have just taken delivery of a brand-spankin' new SX50HS. It arrived a day late to take on hols with me, but I just got back and have unwrapped and taken it into the back garden for a few (very) quick shots.

A few initial (I've only had it an hour) observations about the camera itself:

- the autfocus is noticeably faster (and more accurate?) than the SX40.

- the IS system is amazingly good - all shots (even up to the 200x digital zoom) were nicely sharp.

- the 50x zoom (and also the 200x digital zoom) is astonishing - even more so than the SX40 was...

- purple-fringing seems to be noticeable - not a sign of it on the SX40.

- the button-layout is better - particularly the zoom-assist on the side of the lens barrel.

- the plastic the camera is made from has an interesting slightly-'rough' texture to it.

- Canon are rather stingy not to have included a cap for the hot-shoe!

Ive attached a couple of shots - the conditions weren't the best, just had the last of the setting sun. All taken in auto-mode (with whatever default settings that entails!), all hand-held, all 100% crops, apart from the birdie at the end, which was cropped slightly and resized to about 70%

I can't wait to give it a good workout, despite the fact we've got crap weather forcast for the next few days.

The unboxing ceremony!

Slightly smaller and lighter than the SX40HS it replaced...

Get your lemons here! 50x from about 5 metres away...

Apple blossom buds. 50x zoom, again 5 metres away...

Very lucky to get this shot, as these little buggers rarely sit still!

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