Silver Efex Pro 2, A landscapers perspective

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Re: Silver Efex Pro 2, A landscapers perspective

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Beautiful work. I also had/have similar issues with Silverefex and even HDR software. Not because they are not good - in fact they are great. My issue is that I lose creativity when using plugins as I end up choosing a look instead of creating a look. Once again it's not the software as it allows you to use it with layers etc so if you have a vision for your photographs and use it as a tool, then it will free up some time to get you there faster.

Hmm. This is a really interesting comment.

I have and use Silver Efex Pro 2 and I find that every time I attempt to select a preexisting set of adjustments (a look) from the left side panel... I'm sorely disappointed. Basically I just hide that left hand panel and then start from scratch and work on an image with all of the individual tools on the right hand panel until I either am happy with my results or I decide it sucks and I hit the CANCEL button.

Another thing I've found is that there are certain things which are best done in Lightroom AFTER I've worked in Silver Efex. I generally do some basic corrections in Lightroom, then go to Silver Efex for the major work, then back to Lightroom for final "polishing."

Of course this is all very time consuming, but for me each image is an individual and it's either worth the work or I should be reading a book instead.

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Excellent points. I'm using Silver Efex at this point to give me the " B&W vision ". Then I go to PS to fine tune it. SE gives a good base to start though. And it usually inspires me to continue working that B&W image. Even with all the presets, it's still very creative.


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