24-70 II, 24mm, f/3.5, FULL IMAGE [LARGE IMGA WARNING]

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Re: A couple samples 24-70f2,8 mk2 vs 24TSE mk2

Ben_Egbert wrote:

Still smoky here so the distant stuff is a bit hazy.

These are the best of my shots at 24mm between the 24-70 mk2 and the 24TSE mk2.

I shot images with focus on the near grass on the trees and on the mountains.  I compared them side by side and choose the best shots from each lens. This is about lens sharpness, not my focusing ability.

The near focus shots were not much sharper if any on the foreground grass as the longer focus versions. The 24-70 was best when I used the trees for focus. The 24TSE was best when I used the mountains for focus.  This varies shot to shot.  Live view infinity focus is very hard.  I get more consistent results shooting closer stuff that has high contrast.

24-70 f2.8 mk2 at f8 minimum processing


24TSE mk2 at f8, same processing


If you can tell the difference you have better eyes than me.

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What I see when I open the image and view it at 100% is very important to my overall attitude toward a final print. When I look at the print I know what’s there and what I had to do to get there. For me, good enough does not work.

The foreground, TSE 24mm is (much?) sharper than 24-70mm.

The backgorund is the same maybe the 24-70 II has a little advantage here.

Your shots have different amount of contrast.

Thanks for the review Ben! Please more. I am interested more for the corners.

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