Full blown photo editing... for iOS

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Re: Full blown photo editing... for iOS

Quite frankly, it's simply for the convenience factor of working on the go where I want and when i want.  Any laptop will require a setup, start-up time, log-in, app loading... blah blah blah.  Desktops require you to be in specific place.   An iPad provides the immediate gratification of getting 5 mins of work done in exactly 5 min.  I also believe swiping and gestures could become more efficient than a mouse or a track pad pertaining to photo editing software, especially one full of sliders.  At home, I use an Intuos tablet, which is amazing! But honestly, if an iPad was just a touch more sophisticated, I wouldn't need it.  Even the pressure sensitive pens of the Intuos should be mimicked by the iPad by now IMHO.

The technology is there, I just know it.  It's just that it's not all in one device yet.  For instance, if anyone is still reading this, I think the Asus EP121 is probably the perfect device for what I am talking about.  Unfortunately, the shortcomings of this device include an abysmal battery life, max HDD of 64GB, and it runs WIN7 (not the most touch friendly OS out there).  Now, i believe the best solution would be to have a couple of batteries for this device on hand, an external HD or a means to tether to a phone network on the go and use a cloud service, and upgrade the device to Windows eight.  But by doing this, you are talking about stacking beta forms of technology upon more beta forms of technology.  I'm more interested in something that's already done and will just work.

BTW, I am familiar with the ModBooks, unfortunately, like Windows7, I do not believe OSX to be a touch friendly OS.  And though still quite tempting, it's kind of expensive for my taste ($3k base).

I just figured, with an iPad3, $800 gets you 64GB of on-board storage, access to the internet for cloud support (yes, I'm aware of network plans and cloud plans as well), and an amazing screen for work on the go.  I really don't mind the size of the screen. My concern though, is that there's still no Ps/Lr combination in the appstore and I was wondering about alternatives.

I'm basically looking for the most  simplest and convenient way to be able to edit photos either on a bus or at a park, that's as quick as single button press, app opened, BOOM, editing away like a pro.

Ultimately though, I'm fairly certain I'm less than six months away from asking this question in a more relevant time.  At most, a year.  With Win8 on the horizon and Christmas season coming, I'm sure we're going to see a flood of new technology that'll provide at least a couple of solutions for me.

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