Update older HP laptop.

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Re: Update older HP laptop.

You'll want to check the HP specs for your laptop and add as much RAM as it'll take.

You might also be able to put a fast SSD drive in it also.

Most are happy to be using WXP, but you could also "dual boot" it with a Linux version and most any of them will make most windows OS's seem like they are slow as molasses.

Try the Crucial web page, they have a "RAM checker" where you can enter your laptop name, model,etc and it "should" tell you exactly what type and how much RAM you can use to make your laptop MUCH faster[RAM helps out with multi-tasking, so you can have open 1/2 dozen web pages and it won't slow down as much as it now does just loading your email.

Some users get rid of windows OS altogether and just rely on Linux...

Many users make their older/slower laptops into digital photo/music repositories,etc as "back ups"...

You get some great ideas and even "how to's" on YouTube also..as well as the GREAT posters on DPR!

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