Any Comments of New Layout and Name of the Forum?

Started Oct 4, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Any Comments of New Layout and Name of the Forum?

acdtech wrote:

I just discovered the new layout of DPReview and the forums. Will take getting used to. Also noticed that the forum has been renamed to Sony Alpha SLR/SLT Talk?

The thing I like most is the thumb up and thumb down system. I think of it as a neat feature promoting amateur censorship, in itself completely pointless. Now we can collectively shout someone's opinion down or promote official party line with our thumbs up without even making an effort to explain our own position. The only problem I see is  that nothing enforces us to rate posts we have read. That omission obviously renders the results somehow distorted towards views of the activist group of whatever persuasion. I am sure however whoever they are they know what is good for all of us.


And I was able to give myself a thumb down. That is priceless

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