The new forum format sucks

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The new forum format sucks

1) My photos which i post at a resolution of 1250x850 (1200x800 with a border) are now resized and you can't see a series of original sizes at the same time, this totally sucks, what is the point of offering forum visitors wonderful detail if its not going to be seen?

2) Some of the colours they choose are very dark, for previously viewed threads int he blue its actually pretty hard to read against the black... this may be ok for really cheap LCD monitors that display dark colours brighter then they're supposed to be but its not alright for someone with a real monitor

3) I can't see who is the author of a post unless i click on expanded view, sorry but sometimes i like to know who is writing the post before i click on it

4) as of my last post my signature doesn't display properly

5) whats with the auto-subscribe to forum updates??? what a waste of bandwidth. and a waste of time that i have to always tick it off as it defaults to on.

6) pictures smaller then the width of the post all of a sudden have horrible black bands on them... they really didn't think this update through

7) in threaded view its rather hard to tell if a post is a reply to the last post or a reply to the previous post before that, i think they need to decrease the spacing between posts

Why is it when something is working IT guys feel the need to break it? I went to school to be an IT guy, I'm so happy thats not what i'm doing right now. Maybe the IT guys feel that if they don't have something new to work on then they'll be out of a job.

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