Oly 75-300 does an Airshow

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Re: Oly 75-300 does an Airshow

boxerman wrote:

Brian Wadie wrote:

I found that using 4fps allowed me to keep focus lock and capture the images I wanted. ...

I have a short blog on my airshow technique here


Thanks. I feel I'm closing in on a good trial set of settings and techniques for my own attempts at this kind of thing. I clipped (part of) your blog as a reference on "airshow setting."

Do you have any thoughts or experience on Auto Gradation for shots like these? (It's a pet micro-project of mine to understand Auto Gradation. I'm just from FujiLand, and enjoyed the transparent and artifact free DR setting. EM5 does much better for native DR, but I'm looking for a sensible boost in tough situations.)

Maybe BigBob will come back and comment on Auto Grad possibilities? Many of his shots looked tailor-made for it. I've seen some web commentary about noise in the boosted shadows, but EM5 should be much better than older cams at this.
The BoxerMan

I am back home thanks Brian for the link very useful. Boxerman I had my Auto Grad set for normal and have not really tried any other settings yet if I am out at the local airbase I will have a go to see if any better with different auto grad settings.

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