I hate the new layout..!!!

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Re: I hate the new layout..!!!

dnorth12 wrote:

I don't like when trying to enlarge an image within a post that all photos and especially text get enlarged and the whole page shifts.

I like this, since it's how photos used to appear in here.  I never liked having to click on every photo, when posted from a DPR gallery, in order to see the image bigger.   I wanted them to get back to clicking on one photo enlarges them all!  Well done DPR!

No preview???

There's no option to preview, the typing box is also the preview.

I'm sure I have more to complain about later, I'm kind of a negative person anyway.

They could also add smiley grid. See I told you I would have more to complain about. I just didn't think it would be so soon.

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