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Re: Upgrading normal lens

Dan Beaty wrote:

math guy wrote:

Given that you like 28 and 50 in 35mm format, I would think the DA21 (a  great landscape lens -- my favorite, in fact) and the 35/2.4 would work great for you. If you're willing to get the DA21 used, you could probably pick up both for a total of $650. Those two along with something like the DA70 make a great lightweight kit.

Having said all that, I'm not sure that you'll gain much over the 16-45. I've never used that lens; but from everything I've read about it, it's almost prime-like in IQ. But if you are looking to get a prime or two, I can highly recommend the 21 and 35/2.4.

Thanks everyone for the timely advice and comments. Joe, you and several others recommend the da21. But it would not make sense to spend over $400 for a used lens that is not much faster nor will gain much over the 16-45 I already have. Am I expecting too much from this camera and format?


I can vouch for the 21 ltd, truly a little gem, optically and mechanically. Unless you'd rather have a much faster lens (f/1.4) but there is no point for landscapes. I have it in silver and i love it!

The 35 and 70 limiteds also sound like they're for you, but it's easier to get old glass that performs equally well stopped down at those focal lengths. Except for the rear coatings of course. (you only care if you have very high contrast, like with street lights at night). The 21, 35 and 70 limiteds share the same filter size as do the 15, 40, 43 and 77 (cute little 49mm filters, nothing like the 82mm filters i had for the 45mm f/4 on the 67!)

The 31 is a great lens, but you've gotta want that f/1.8 and resulting smooth bokeh to justify it. It's great stopped down, don't get me wrong, but so are others.

I'm not a zoom fan but:

I hear the Sigma 17-17 OS is nice...

For wide and wider, consider the Sigma 8-16 and Samyang 14. I'm not even mentionning the Zeisses. Oops, i did! I have the 8-16 and i'm very happy with it.

You can't really go wrong with the DA* 16-50. I'll be waiting for the DA* 18-85-ish announced on the roadmap. The zoom can wait, no problem! 

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