Sony: There is no need to lower the price of the A99

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Re: Market and brand name

TrojMacReady wrote:

nemist wrote:

I am sorry.  You are correct. There are improvements.  I should have specified.

As I understand it, the EVF is the same, but the FF allows some different behavior.

I was referring to the adjustment options for the EVF such as contrast and colour.

The D600 has better image quality, wait for DXO,

In terms of static numbers, it will probably be that half a stop benefit at equal exposures, but see my earlier comment and add to that the fact that the A99 has an ISO 50 option which the D600 does not. And no Nikon, Canon, Pentax or other camera has equaled the colour response scores from all recent Sony SLT's and DSLR's as measured by DXOlabs (Sony CFA's). I'd also like to mention the trouble people (including Dpreview in their test lab(!)) have to get the maximum resolution out of their high resolution Nikon FF cameras in many situations due to mirror plus shutter shake. That's instantly solved or heavily reduced with the SLT's and first curtain shutter.

Yeah, I know it will be half stop behind.  I think the IBIS will easily compensate.  And like I stated, I do love Sony colors.  The CFA is fantastic. The resolution is a real issue, but I use high end glass, and a tripod.  I would like to know how strong the AA filter is on the a99.  It drove me a little nuts, having the Zeiss lenses but having a moderately strong AA filter on the a850. Negates some of the sharpness. It's good the EVF is now more adjustable. But it still behind the OVF for me and many others. Don't get me wrong Troj, I like Sony's cameras and glass, I am just really disappointed in the lack of lenses, dedication to a mount, JPG stuff (so many cameras have had this) and the EVF. Shooting raw only constantly damages IQ to me. These issues make the camera too expensive.  We can go back and forth, but I think, as I said, the sales (or lack of) will reflect the camera weaknesses, and Sony's.

Bottom line, as you have showed, they are different technical specs from the A77, but it's largely the same camera.  It's a fine camera I am sure--if it would have come out two years ago people would have been wowed, but it's just late to the market, and Sony hasn't addressed the whole system issue.

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