MSA-10 + 5n = NO SYNC

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Re: What's inside MSA-10?

If you have continuity between the green wire and the 4th pin on the Sony connector and also between the white wire and the 4th pin on the Sony connecter then yes, the hot shoe would be shorted. The hot-shoe plate and center contact pin are connected together.

When shutters and flash sync was pure mechanical a switch shorted the center contact to camera ground and triggered the flash. Perhaps electronic switching is different. I don't really know but this doesn't look good.

Thanks John, your thoughts are the same as mine, can anyone else test their MSA-10 with a multimeter to see if they get a complete circuit, and what pins are used?

As you have pointed out the 4th and the 5th pins from the right are the ones I though would be connected to the outer and centre contacts on the hot shoe plate, but I'm also thinking from a mechanical point of view, not electronic, so that small circuit board might be doing something else.

Does anyone know what the circuit board does?

Also I forgot to mention that touching the outer and centre contacts on the MSA-10 hot shoe plate with the multimeter completes the circuit as well. Can someone else also test this?

The components on the circuit board don't look complicated but I can't tell from your photo what they are. Looks like the 4th pin and the one to its left are the only Sony connections being used to trigger the flash. Perhaps someone with an electronics background can help understand what this adapter is doing.

Thanks for your efforts. John

It could be even higher than 115 v if your meter's impedance isn't real high and is dragging down the trigger voltage. My Vivitar 283s (made in Japan models) measure 270 volts with my best meter.

Your continuity measurements indicate the MSA-10 may indeed be fried. When you say the camera is fine I hope you mean the camera with Sony accessory flash still works.

I've tested my 5n with both my electronic viewfinder and nex flash and both seem to be working fine so I think I may have got lucky and no damage done. I think that broken green wire might have stopped anything actually getting into my camera when I was first trying it out.

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