G1X & Ultimate Dinosaurs (ISO800-12800)

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G1X & Ultimate Dinosaurs (ISO800-12800)

Hey Guys.

Raymond James + ROM: Royal Ontario Museum

host a world premiere of cutting-edge exhibition

"Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from Gondwana" in Toronto, Canada.

As a kid, I always loved dinosaurs and history of life on Earth,

so I decided to pay them a visit and also test my G1X in ultra low-light settings.

Here are some results:

50mm 1/30sec ISO3200

This Dino is claimed to be the biggest animal ever walking on earth - Futalognkosaurus ,

34m(100ft) long and 40 tonn, heavy as 8-10 african elephants.

55mm 1/60sec ISO3200

Cryolophosaurus, a beast that was excavated from Antarctica's ice in 1991.

80mm 1/30 sec ISO5000

Buitreraptor, relative of Velociraptor from "Jurassic Park" movie,

just a bit smaller than his big cousin. Estimated weight 3kg, possibly feathered.

75mm 1/30sec ISO8000

Baby-egg of a big Sauropod.

Hard to believe that this kid will gain more that 4 kilo a day while growing up.

65mm 1/20sec ISO3200

Some more to come soon.

Flat view
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