The verdict is in: EOS-M is terribly SLOW.

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Marco Nero
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Re: The EOS-M Quandary...

Sean Nelson wrote:

Marco Nero wrote:

Sure, there's plenty of mirror-less alternatives on the market.  But how many can I stick my L-lenses on?

From what I can see, that's the only unique thing the EOS-M has going for it.   If you don't have any existing Canon glass then I really don't see why you'd want one.

That said, the 18-55 (?) Image Stabilized M-series lens seems to take some VERY nice pictures that rival even the best cameras using top lenses.  Perhaps it is simply due to skilled experience and testing by the Canon photographers?

The problem is, of course, that most people with Canon lenses are really interested in a somewhat more capable camera.   For some reason Canon seems to think this is a camera that's primarily of interest to P&S upgraders, but if you're a P&S upgrader what reason would you have to choose this over competing mirrorless cameras that are part of a more mature system?

People who buy the really specialized lenses like the Fisheye lenses or the Primes like the 50mm f1.2 lens with its razor-type DOF or even the 100mm L Macro will find this new camera will offer tremendous specialized use.  Especially if you follow the age old photography moral that everything should be about the glass and the image quality and that the body should simply be treated as a film container and nothing more. (translate that to 'digital' for today's market).  Even as a backup body for those doing important trips, the EOS-M has a very useful shelf life simply as a backup body.

I forgot to mention... the EOS-M is exclusively marketed towards women in Japan.  In fact it's known there as the Ladies Camera.  Perhaps that explains a few things?  I'll wager that they won't poison the water well in the West by calling it a Ladies Camera.

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