Which nex is good for manual focus or focus peaking?

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Re: Which nex is good for manual focus or focus peaking?

cerberusjf wrote:


I am a disillusioned Nikon D5100 owner and am thinking of jumping to NEX.

I would, if possible, like to use my existing Nikon 35mm 1.8 with manual focus on a nex, but am not sure about the best way to do it or the best camera to get.

I am interested in what people think of “focus peaking”?   Would it be possible to manually focus accurately with an aperture of 2.5 at a distance of 10ft, for example?  Also, which camera would it be easiest to switch focus peaking on and off when switching to and from a manual focus lens to an autofocus one?  From what I’ve read, focus peaking is buried in a menu, so I am wondering if it is difficult to turn on and off.

I was considering the NEX 7 because I like the manual controls and viewfinder, or maybe the 5N as it is very cheap at the moment.

What I shoot primarily is spoken word performers, so they are fairly stationary but in low light.

Sorry if this has been asked before.

I think any of the NEX's that have focus peaking and image enlarging in manual assist.  The only problem with the NEX's is that you won't have image stablization, so, probably a big zoom lens from another camera won't be too desirable unless you use a tripod.
The main reason I bought the NEX-7 was that I can use all my old Leica and Carl Zeiss lenses off my film cameras.  Focus peaking is almost, as fast as auto focus, so it never was an issue with me, since I have always used manual focus with my old Hasselblad and Leica R 6.2.  In fact with manual assist and focus peaking, it's probably better then my old manual focusing film cameras.  One thing for sure, you will never have a miss-focused picture, like I have had a couple of times with auto-focus on the NEX.

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