The verdict is in: EOS-M is terribly SLOW.

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Not really misimpression

According to many people in this forum, one of the main benefit of EOS M is that it can use the lens of Canon DSLR.  When we try to think what kind of people have lots of Canon lenses in such situation, they are professional photographers. Professional photographers may not be Canon's only target but at least some of the people here believe they are.

Sony new NEX focus not slow and 5R and 6 can be even faster.  Moreover, for mirrorless camera we can consider PEN, which was reviewed have focus speed as fast as some top DSLR.  The review does not mention either 5R or 6.  The two NEX models mentioned in the review are old model and are much cheaper than EOS M.

justmeMN wrote:

Engadget seems to be under the misimpression that the EOS M was designed as a DSLR replacement for professional photographers. It wasn't designed for either.

Of course the EOS M doesn't focus as fast as a DSLR. The Sony NEX doesn't either.

(The review mentions two Sony NEX models "if fast focusing doesn't top your list of priorities".)

In any event, I look forward to the 2013 version of the EOS M, which should feature improved focusing speed.

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